Double Glazing Windows Paisley

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Windows perform a final function within out Paisley homes and businesses; they let in much needed light but keep out the cold air and foreign objects from entering the interior of our properties.

However, single paned windows have one big let-down – they do not insulate our properties well. And so, double glazing was invented as a way to improve insulation but without compromising light. Two panes of glass, with the insulation gap in between, provide a far better barrier to escaping heat than one pane.

Their structure is important in the properties of double glazed windows. The idea of the gap between the two panes of glass means that they form an effective seal against cold draughts. Double glazing windows that you install in your Paisley property can also be tinted or covered in a reflective film. This can be helpful if your Paisley property faces south – in winter, double glazing provides unbelievable insulation against the cold but in summer, they can prevent the escape of thermal heat, making your home too warm and stuffy. A reflective coating could help deflect some of this thermal heat, keeping your home at a more comfortable temperature.

 Why is double glazing better than one pane?

There is a saying, two heads are better than one and the same applies to windows! Heat, when it meets double glazing windows in your Paisley property has two panes of glass that it needs to attempt to get through. With single pane windows, it has far less resistance hence it can escape quicker.

Likewise, the cold air from the outside has far less work to do in trying to gain access to our homes; double glazing forms a far more effective barrier to stop cold draughts from getting in. But, the real ingredient in double glazing windows in the gap between the two panes in which air or gas is trapped. Air molecules spread out in this gap and will not conduct as well as other materials hence it forms the most effective barrier to heat loss.

Advances in technology as well as our scientific understanding of how to keep our Paisley homes warmer, means that double glazing windows are now available with coatings. For example, if you want to deflect thermal heat in summer, you can choose double glazing coated in a metallic coating which will stop the heat from passing through into your rooms.

However, if you want an additional layer to keep the heat in, this same invisible layer can be added to the inside pane of the double glazing windows you opt for in your Paisley property.

Likewise, if you feel the need to lower the glare from outside, then another type of coating can be added to the double glazed units.

Making your choice of double glazing windows for your Paisley property is easier when you come to us here at Fuzion Home Improvements. We will guide you through every step, from choosing the right style of window through to installation. Call us today!

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Double Glazed Windows Paisley
Double Glazing Windows Paisley

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