Double Glazing Windows Motherwell

Choosing the right company to install your double glazed windows

Double glazing is something that we see on virtually every building these days, both domestic and business properties in Motherwell.

But, despite its popularity, double glazing companies haven’t always enjoyed the best of reputations with some customers feeling tricked by dubious selling techniques and inflated prices. And so, if you are looking invest in double glazed windows for your Motherwell property, check out our double glazing buying tips below...

Sales tactics – avoid signing contracts on the spot as any reputable, professional double glazing company such as Fuzion Home Improvements will give potential customers time to consider the deal being put to them. If the company quotation seems high, you may find that the sales rep will come down in price by up to 75% in some cases (Which? consumer advice organisation). Any company which insists you sign on the day for the ‘one day only offer’ is not the right company for the job.

Follow the 3 Quotation Rule – you will not go far wrong if you get three quotations from three different companies but make sure you are asking all three to quote on the same double glazed windows you want for your Motherwell property otherwise you will have difficulty drawing comparison between them.

Green Deal Loan – before you spend significant savings or take out a personal loan, take a look at the offers and deals available under the recently launched Green Deal scheme. This scheme could see you financing your double glazed windows for your Motherwell property with repayments made through your electricity supplier. Interest rates on these Green Deal loans can be more favourable than loans from banks, but check the small print carefully.

But surely, the most important factor in buying double glazed windows for your Motherwell home or business, is finding and using a reputable company;

  • Gets friends and family to recommend a double glazing company
  • The ‘3 quote rule’ is essential – worrying, many people still only get one quote and ‘run with that one’
  • Compare the products the company say they use and don’t forget to ask what is included in the quote – and what isn’t so you don’t get any surprises
  • Avoid companies who ask for a large portion of the cost of the double glazed widows upfront – this should set warning bells off!
  • Look to use an established company who takes pride in their work and offers a professional service – you can sometimes tell this from the moment they answer the phone.

Fuzion Home Improvements is a company who offer great deals on double glazed windows for your Motherwell home or business. Why not give them a call and ask them for details of their latest deals?

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Double Glazed Windows Motherwell
Double Glazing Windows Motherwell

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