Double Glazing Windows Cumbernauld

Double glazing windows for your Cumbernauld property: know your consumer rights!

  • Are you building or renovating a property in Cumbernauld?
  • Are you looking to buy double glazing windows and doors?
  • Do you know your rights when it comes to buying double glazing?

Buying double glazing, like other products is covered by the Sales and Goods Act 1982. This act stipulates that double glazing windows installed at your Cumbernauld property should:

  • Be completed using ‘reasonable care and skill’
  • The double glazed windows and doors should be made from materials that are of ‘satisfactory quality’ as well as ‘fit for purpose’
  • And finally, they should be ‘as described’ – in other words they are the windows your choose and ordered

Any double glazing company that does not meet these three standards will be in breach of the act and you have what is known as ‘course of redress’; in this case, it will be to either have the windows replaced or repaired. The double glazing company can decide on what they want to do – usually whichever is cheaper. But, they must ensure that the repair or replacement is carried out in good time and without causing too much inconvenience to you.

As with all major repairs or renovation work at your Cumbernauld home, you need to read the contract carefully, taking note of any terms and conditions. Many double glazing companies have come in for criticism for the sales tactics they have used in the past. Even if they say it is a ‘one day offer’, you still have 7 days to cancel the contract if you feel that is not right for you. This a consumer right enshrined in the Cancellation of Contracts, under the Consumer Regulation Act 2008. Cancelling the contract will also cancel any finance agreement you had with the company to install double glazing windows and doors at your Cumbernauld property.

BUT, if you signed the contract at the premises of the double glazing company, you do not have the 7 days to change your mind! Many consumers are unaware of this quirk in consumer law.

Have a reason to complain?

Then you need to act quickly as soon as a spot a problem with the double glazing windows at your Cumbernauld property. Firstly, you should go direct to the company and hopefully this will resolve the issue. You may need to set a date with the company to resolve the issue. Most reputable double glazing companies will want to keep their customers happy and will attempt to resolve issues immediately.

Professional companies such as Fuzion Home Improvements will use the highest quality of double glazing windows and doors, as well as the highest skilled crafts people. With offers on double glazing windows and doors for your Cumbernauld property available throughout the year, contact them today for details of their latest offers.

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Double Glazed Windows Cumbernauld
Double Glazing Windows Cumbernauld

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